*The Story of GiGi's Fabulous Foods*

GiGi’s Fabulous Foods began in 1989 with one item on the menu – cinnamon bread. When asked by her son to help him raise money for a school fundraiser by selling her cinnamon bread, GiGi happily agreed. Unaware of just how delicious it truly was, a mom helping her son found her calling.

At first the cinnamon bread was the only item you would find baking in GiGi’s kitchen. Fast forward to 2016 and this is where you will find GiGi whisking and cooking away for her catering company, GiGi’s Fabulous Foods. Both GiGi and her company have grown tremendously over the years. Now GiGi’s Fabulous Foods is responsible for feeding: doctor offices for lunch, dinner parties, family dinners, holiday meals, and the list goes on. The menu is comprised of breakfast, desserts, casseroles, soups, salads, meats and more. Whether you are planning a big event or  you just need some help cooking for your family, GiGi has you covered.

About "GiGi" Jean Higdon

When GiGi is not in the kitchen or making deliveries, she is with her family. GiGi has 4 beautiful children & 8 delightful grandchildren. All of her children and grandchildren have grown up watching and helping GiGi in the kitchen. In fact, during the summer, when the grands are out of school you will most likely find a couple of them tagging along to help their grandmother at the farmers market or riding along on deliveries.

Gigi, owner of Gigi's catering, knows how to feed a big family.
GiGi JeanHigdon Photo